• Incorporating projects and participation in existing projects and developing them with the capability of whole or partial liquidation during the project period.
  • Equilibrium between investment and liquidation processes to ensure achieving solid sustainable cash flows for the company.
  • Preparing a system for issuing estimated budget regularly and comparing the estimated budgets with the actual ones by the ability to remedy variances in the budgets.
  • Promoting and establishing confidence with local and regional banks with the aim of contribution and support for financing the company’s projects.
  • Expiating the extend experience for the company’s managers and its board of directors through the effective participation in managing industrial and services project.
  • Establishing the share capital value of Jiblah Holding Company by achieving steady growth rate and continues operational profits.
  • Obtaining the highest local and international classifications from professional institutions with experience in the industrial and service field.
  • Encouraging employees to incent and create through the suppleness of thinking and work to achieve the highest added value to the company.
  • Assessing the company statues internally through evaluating communication processes and executing decisions as well as externally through the evaluating of such companies outlooks for performance and mission of our company.